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This is the official announcement that the application process to attend NA FTDP 2010 has begun.

Please go to the following website to fill out the application form: www.nafdtp.com.
(best viewed in Firefox or Safari)

We recommend you visit the FAQ section where you can find information regarding the location, time, dates, and so on.

If you have any other questions feel free to write us at: na.jt@famboard.com. Or go to Parent’s Corner on the website and submit a question there.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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…It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!…

Hello there wonderful Family & Friends!

We have an exciting announcement regarding our kids Christmas initiative this year! In an effort to allow for more flexibility, newness and out-of-the-box ideas in reaching out to your community with the Reason for the Season –Jesus– we’d like to propose the following: *a 2009 Christmas Magazine*.

This would be filled with photos & mini-testimonies or photo captions of what your child did to bring Christmas cheer to someone. Your part would simply be to find out how the Lord wants to use your child/children’s particular strengths/talents, and then have fun…putting those into action! Then all you would have to do is e-mail us a photo & a little explanation to go along with it.

We’d like to ask that all participants e-mail their contribution by December 30th!

To make things as simple & as efficient as possible we are going to e-mail you the PDF file (Lord willing by January 15th), and you could then print out as many copies as you need. You might want to print out some extra to give to your family & friends too!

Here are some examples of *’deeds of Christmas cheer’* to give you an idea of the types of deeds that we’d love to include in our magazine. A child could:

Bake a treat & give it to a neighbor

Give candy canes & tracts at a park or another type of event

[you could attach the tract to the candy cane & carry them in baskets]

Read Christmas stories to younger children

Draw or paint something & give it to someone

Make a Christmas card w/ a verse written inside

Donate toys or clothes to a shelter or needy family

Send a gift to a kid on a needy mission field & pray for him/her

Sing at a retirement community & say a prayer for them

Put on a play & then hand out tracts

Make & send an encouraging card to a relative or contact

Rake a neighbor’s yard or help out in some other way

Give (or make) a little gift for a teacher

Give away a toy that he’s not using to a needy kid

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. We’re sure the Lord has heaps of ideas, so have fun finding out what He has in store for your child!

To recap things for you; the starting date for this is December 1st and the last day to send in your photo/caption (or mini-testimony) is December 30th. The file would then be sent to you, DV, January 15th for you to print out copies as you needed.

Isn’t it exciting thinking about what the Lord has in store for our children this Christmas season?! We’re excited!

Much love & Christmas prayers for you & your kids,

Your Friends…from the fantastic land of CP!

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Facilitation Job Opportunity in FD Home

Our home (Fiesta Home, San Antonio, Texas) has a supportive Home-based
business of buying/selling computers. This business facilitates our Homes
mission goals. It has been successful and has helped our Home make a great
deal of progress this past year. To accomplish our Home goals over the next
two years we would like to enlarge the business and to do so we need one or
two others to help with certain aspects of the business.

The job involves the following:
- Full-time work, at least 40 hours a week
- handling phone calls (sales, service, inquiries)
- upgrading hardware on Macs
- uploading programs on Macs
- making sales in person
- driving (local and within Texas)

The following skills are necessary:
- Computer savvy
- Knowledge of Excel helpful
- Accounting experience helpful
- Be a fast learner
- Have a professional and personable presentation
- Be a good communicator

Other important points:
- Must be a USA national, green card holder or have a long term visa for the
- Generally in good health
- Male or Female, over 18

If you are interested in facilitating the mission through this job
opportunity and would like more information contact our Home at:
stephen@affordablemac.net and CC to ado@abmc.net

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By Shelly

This morning when I was getting ready for a day of fundraising I had a nostalgic moment. I allowed my mind the liberty of lounging in a faraway reverie… of a very different weekend in a very different place. It was at night, there were lights, noise and a lot of people. There I was, amongst a crowd but talking with just one guy—cuz I’m a little shy in crowds. It seemed I was deeply witnessing. First he was talking, I was listening. Then he was listening and I was talking. Then we were reading something. Then we were praying and eventually there was a long hug and some tears.

Afterwards, we walked over towards a large stage where Vas was playing, although I thought I had heard Jeremy Spencer’s soothing voice and characteristic slide guitar somewhere during the long talk. I saw John Paone, David French, Tony Fogarty and other musicians chatting to the side of the stage, in front of a troupe of colorfully dressed actors who all had that telltale excited look that follows a first performance. There were 2 small tents off to the side of the outdoor plaza—a train station it looked like—where people could be seen entering and exiting, looking transformed after just a few minutes with whatever it was that was in there.

It was the International Festival of Cervantino 2009 and hundreds of us were there—mingling, witnessing, singing, praying, hugging… and it looked like we had some brand new drop-out’s along with us! Clearly there were lots of Active and General Members helping in this powerful Offensive drive.
Hundreds of souls had already been won and when I asked someone I recognized only as Family how long we’d been there, she said it was Saturday the 31st and we’d been witnessing in Guanajuato since Friday the 30th. She’d loved the fellowship and concerts at the Camp where everyone was staying;
apparently that was went on all of Wednesday and Thursday after hundreds of people arrived on Tuesday the 27th from all over Mexico, Central America, the States and even some brethren from other countries around the world. As I stared up at the starry sky I reveled in the feeling of doing nothing but witnessing, caring for nothing but the souls, hearts, minds and futures of everyone around me. No home duties, no fundraising… just doing what I live for! This is the life!

Ouch. I had just poked my eye with my mascara brush. Back to reality, I zipped my bag shut, grabbed my phone and jumped in the car so we wouldn’t miss the lunch rush. Driving over the multiple speed bumps on the way to our spot I couldn’t help but smile. Today was going to be a good day. I know
this isn’t all there is, I know the end is worth the means, and with that thought my day suddenly seemed drastically better.

I want to invite you to share in my beautiful daydream that is about to become actuality, here in Mexico at the end of this month. I want to invite you to join us in the launch of “Descubrete” at the
Festival of Cervantino in Guanajuato, Mexico from the 27th of October to the 2nd of November. It’s a targeted witnessing & winning endeavor to the hundreds of thousands of visitors who wander through aimlessly, hoping for something different, something beautiful and something real to contrast
their pointless, routine filled lives.

We need you! For more information and to apply to come with us, please go to warstride.com, sign in and look up all the details on location, cost, event plan and perks! For those coming from the US, the fee which will cover the 6 night event, including your camping location (bring a tent!) with sports
facilities, bathrooms, 3 large meals a day, a “Descubrete” jersey, and a couple other perks, is only around USD 100 (MXN $1300!) Come on down… it’s going to be SO much fun! Hope to see you soon!

–Shelly Guild, for the Cervantino Planning Committee, Mexico

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The following items have recently been posted on the Education board page of the MO site. While by no means all-inclusive, we hope you find this information helpful and a good reference point in your education choices.  

- Traditional schooling testimonies

- Teaching children Public speaking (an article put together by Claire)

- Schooling laws in various regions worldwide


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Read all about it here

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Read about it here.

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For all those interested in getting on the site, here’s how you go about it.

Please send this information to the following email: na.jt@famboard.com

-Home number
-Preferred username

Currently, we’re at the FDTP being held in Harlingen so we want to apologize in advance for any delay.

Since we’re talking about the FDTP, we thought it might interest you to know that we’re on Facebook. For all those who have an account, use the search option to locate our page. Just type in: nafdtp.
Just today, we uploaded some photos and video clips.

We love you lots!

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Take a minute and enjoy these pictures of a few of the attendees of Home Education Conferences across the region thus far.
Check out earlier posts from the Education Board for more information about these conferences which are being sponsored by your North America RC and find out how you may attend one in your area for free!

More Photos and news of these events and experiences coming soon!

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This is the official announcement that the application process to attend NA FTDP “Discovering Discipleship” this year has begun.

Please go to the following website to fill out the application form: www.nafdtp.com.
(best viewed in Firefox or Safari)

We recommend you first visit the FAQ section where you can find information regarding the location, time, dates, and so on.

If you have any other questions feel free to write us at: na.jt@famboard.com. Or go to Parent’s Corner on the website and submit a question there.


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Find it here.

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On April 1st the PMA in the North American Region was officially launched! Preceding the launch, “kick-off” fellowships were held in 4 different locations where students reside (Houston, San Antonio, Ensenada and Puerto Rico). For the next 4 months, 15 students from our Region (with the help of 6 mentors) will be participating in at-home study classes, and assignments based on that input, to help them to professionalize their lives as missionaries. This year there are 2 courses available: “Building a Flock” and “Cultivating Supporters”, with more courses to be added in the future. If participating in the PMA sparks your interest, be sure to check back here on the BOB for announcements about next year’s semester. To the Homes that have students and mentors: Thank you for your support!
If you have any questions about the PMA (or even if you’re wondering what “PMA” stands for) click here, or write the CGO Board at: pma.na.cgo@famboard.com

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So far 37 parents and teachers have signed up and been approved to attend a home educators conference for FREE this year! Way to go! We’re so happy you will be attending. Have fun!

After attending, please send us your essay along with the receipt for the cost of your entrance fee and information on how you would like us to send you a reimbursement for the entrance fee.

For anyone eligible who hasn’t signed up yet; we still have some funds left for a few more sponsorships.

Sign up today!

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Parents and teachers (Family Members) who would like to attend a home school conference for free this year can download this application form and send in their application for sponsorship of the attendance fee!

Application Form

Click on this link to download a list of Home Educator Conferences near you!


Email your application to na.fed@famboard.com

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Dear Families and Teachers,

At the Educators Seminar of 2008, parents and teachers from across the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Central America delved into 5 days of extensive teacher-training. The results were envisioned and updated (and hopefully also relaxed and well-rested) teachers and parents who returned empowered and ready to take their ministry and calling of educating to a whole new level.

As a region we are committed to ongoing progress in the fields of education and education opportunities for our children and young people. We are taking the next step in 2009!  

We are thrilled to share with you an exciting announcement of God’s supply and an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Home schooling is one of the preferred choices of education for many Family missionaries.  Therefore your North America Regional Council has decided to sponsor the entrance fee for parents and teachers to attend a major Home-school convention/conference in 2009.

These conventions are excellent sources of information, classes, training, networking, resources, guidance and education for home-educators. Most of the speakers at these conventions are authors and/or leaders in the home school world. Many parents and teachers who have attended in the past years have commented that the conferences were an unforgettable experience — opening up their vision, their access to resources and ideas and curriculums, and went long way in boosting their productivity, knowledge, and vision in educating. We hope to make attending a home education convention this year an opportunity available to every Family parent and teacher in this region.  

Home school conventions/events — such as the CHEA (http://www.chea.org/) — are present in many cities and on different dates throughout the year. We will be posting a calendar with a list of some these kinds of events which we know are available. You may want to use this as a guide to choose from, and you are also welcome to research and see if there are other conventions available in your area. 

Sponsorship is for the entrance fee of parents and teachers of North America Family missionary Homes. (FD/MM/FM) 

Parents and teachers who would like to attend a home school conference this year can download this application form and send in their application for free attendance!

Following are the stipulations for this sponsorship:


1. Sponsorship is for:

*Full-time Teachers (including singles without kids who are fulltime teachers)

*One parent per family

(Some conferences only charge a fee for one person per couple (if one parent pays, then their spouse can get in free) or offer a discount for attendance of a spouse or second member of the same household. So folks can check for these deals).

2. Apply right away if you want to attend. We will send out a simple application form. We are working with a pre-set budget, so we will sponsor entrance fees on a first-come-first-serve basis.

3. In order to help you document the event, we will require a short report of the experience from each person who was sponsored. The report should be of their time there, the classes attended, and their reaction to the conference. (Between 500-1000 words is fine, though more is also welcome.)

4. And, we will require a photograph (of the attendee at the conference) from each person who was sponsored. 

5. Sponsorship is for the entire cost of the entrance fee. All other costs such as food, travel, or lodging will be the responsibility of the attendee.

6. You will be reimbursed for the entrance fee after we receive a receipt from your attendance showing the cost of attendance, the name and location of the conference you attended, as well as the required short report and photograph.


Download this application form now and apply today!

Again, we are working within a pre-determined budget for sponsorship which may limit the amount of entrance fees we can afford to pay, so sponsorship is on a first-come first-serve basis.

We hope to hear from you right away!

Email your application to na.fed@famboard.com  

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Educators Seminar” Reviews

“It has been so neat to be able to partake of the wealth of so many other Family educators, their experiences, questions, ideas, out-of-the-box innovative initiatives to try new things.”—Faithy, Toronto

“This professional education seminar will accomplish the purpose for which it was intended. The time, attention, organization, research, and prayer invested is very evident, and I feel that we will all go away from here very proud to be teachers—professional teachers—who play a vital role in our Family’s present and future.”—Linda, Mexico

As seen on History In the Making

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Find it here.

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Launch Date: Valentines Day, February 14th

Just click here to read all about it! – Don’t miss signing up!

Amy & Crystal, for your CS Board

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We have written all FD and MM Homes with the info on how to apply for the PMA. If you have not received the info in your Home’s e-mail box, please write us at: pma.na.cgo@famboard.com We will gladly send it to you.

The student application and other info regarding PMA 2009 can be found on the MO Site here:


The deadline for sending in student applications is February 20th, so please don’t delay! Write us today! We love you!

Love, your NA CGO Board

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Click here to view a New Year’s card from your Regional Council!